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In the chapter on fish, sea bass and sole triumph undoubtedly, by the Suquet de Rape, which in its clay pot offers a very strong second place.

  • Grilled hake
  • Hake in Salsa Breton
    Fumet fish, mushrooms, wine and spices)
  • Grilled swordfish
  • Orange Emperor
    Orange juice and butter)
  • Grilled sole
  • sole Meuniere
    Butter, lemon juice and parsley)
  • Suquet de Rape
    Fumet fish, flour and fry light)
  • Grilled golden
  • Back to Golden
  • Grilled sea bass
  • Back Sea Bass
  • Grilled Fish
    , hake, salmon, cuttlefish and squid)


If you really like is the seafood, you can find from a light seafood for a person to a complete Seafood Special with lobster, shrimp, lobster and prawns to share, or a mixed grill, which as the name suggests combines seafood with fish.

The aperitifs with shrimp scampi or grilled are also very popular with our customers.

  • seafood
    (4 shrimp, 3 prawns, 3 prawns, squid)
  • Mixed grill
    shrimp, 3 shrimp, 2 prawns, cuttlefish, emperor, squid and crab drumsticks)
  • Special seafood
    shrimp, 4 prawns, 2 crayfish, lobster and squid 1)